Finding Meaning in The Madness

You know it’s amazing how hospitality works when you drive your car. You let someone over when there’s traffic, then a few moments later, when you need to get over, someone let’s you over. One good turn deserves another! But please make note that one bad turn, one negative turn creates another too!  Think about a parking lot when you are trying to find a space.  One car has parked poorly and as a result, by the time that row of cars reaches near its capacity for spaces, there are two less parking spaces as a result of one bad parker.  Doesn’t that just get under your skin!

You see, there is a reciprocal relationship in life and in the Universe.  Universal law drives in both directions but we have a choice in which direction we drive!

Doing something simple–something nice for someone is how we can all create more meaningful life experiences. I assure you that your broken heart will begin to mend, you will feel better about yourself and circumstance(s), your happy heart will be even more jubilant, your sadness will be, at least for awhile, subdued. The more you do for others, the more you will discover how much joy comes to your life.


Try this: for all the things that bother you, do one nice thing for someone else. If there are 3 things that bother you, do 3 good things–3 nice and simple things for somebody else.

Believe me, your small act of kindness will be reciprocated and you will discover new meaning in the madness of it all. However, it’s your choice. Choose this day which path you will follow.


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